Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No more biliblanket!!

As of Monday, Abbie's bilirubin count was down to 13.9, which means she's in the clear now for the jaundice, thank God. We have her appt tomorrow at 7:20am to see if she's still gaining weight. Hopefully if that appt goes okay we can stay away from the dr and lab for a while. We've been going 3-5 times a week since she's been home, so it'll be nice to not have to go anymore.

Since I'm behind on the pictures, here are a BUNCH.

She LOVES to sleep with her hands up by her face.

It's hard to believe how tiny she is sometimes, especially when she frogs up like this on Mark.

Our usual spot in the downstairs chair.

Taking a nap with Daddy

Wide awake!!

She's not a big fan of her swing yet, but she was interested in it for a while this day.

Showing some tongue

Deep in thought

She falls asleep like this a lot.

Chillin with grandpa. (My dad surprised me and come down for 3 days while my mom was here.)

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Elsbit said...

I love the pictures!

The way she sleeps in the beginning may be how she was in your womb. Ellie did this weird thing with her leg and hand, which she no longer does, that I am pretty sure she did on the inside before her prison break. :)