Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 week appt

So I might have spoken too soon about the breastfeeding going well... She's now down to 8lbs 10 oz - still almost a full pound under her birth weight. Her dr. doesn't seem all that concerned though. She just said to keep nursing her whenever she wants it (which is all the time) and I have to go back tomorrow for another weight check and a bilirubin check. *sighs* Maybe I'll rent a pump to see if that helps my supply come in more, but I know she's getting something to eat bc her diapers prove it. I guess her bilirubin was up to 15.5 on Tuesday but the dr said that's not enough to raise concern yet. Hopefully it's lower tomorrow at her check. The scale at the dr's office was kinda weird. I put her on it the first time, and she was 4.05kg. Then the 2nd time she was 3.9?kg, and then she was 3.3kg, and the 4th time she was 3.95kg. So I'm not 100% sure their scale is very accurate. I hope it's not.


Brian and Erika said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that her bilirubin counts stay down and that she puts on some more weight. If the doctor doesn't seemed concerned, then that's great news.

Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

She was quite the chunker to begin with, I wouldn't worry about her weight at this point! Especially if the doctor isn't. Heres hoping her bili counts stay low!!