Monday, May 18, 2009

We're having a baby tomorrow!

Mark and I will most likely officially be parents tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited. We just got back from our OB appt. I'm now 6cm dilated, and she's still at a -2 position and measuring 39 1/2 weeks. Our dr stripped my membranes, which the dr said would probably hurt quite a bit, but really it didn't hurt much at all. It was a little uncomfortable and made me feel like I had to pee, but I wouldn't say it was painful. My dr and doula both think I just have a really high pain tolerance, and I hope that's true. Anyway, she said that if the membrane thing works, it should work within 6 hours, so there is a possibility I'll go into labor tonight. If not, we're going to go to the hospital early in the morning tomorrow (6 or 7am - don't know yet), and she's going to break my water to help get things moving. She's pretty optimistic that breaking my water will be enough to put me into labor if I walk for 4-6 hours after she does it. Luckily she's on call all day long, until Weds morning, so we know she'll be the one to deliver our baby, which is really important to both Mark and me. I'm really hoping that breaking my water will be enough to put me into active labor, but if we have to resort to using pitocin, so be it. I only have 4 more cm to dilate before I can start pushing so we'll see how it goes!

Overall, I'm not really nervous at all at this point. Every time I go to one of my OB appts, it seems to give me more confidence that my body is made to do this. I'm telling myself that I can do this, and that maybe I do handle pain differently than some people (although I'm not sure that's true). We're both optimistic about the whole thing and super excited. I'm supposed to eat a good breakfast tomorrow before we go to the hospital and the dr said that she'd even let me eat while I was in labor and I could still use the shower after she broke my water, so that was encouraging also. I think I'll be 100% more relaxed just knowing that Dr. Branaman is going to be there for us instead of some random person we don't know.

So hopefully tomorrow we will be parents. Please say a prayer that we have a healthy baby girl and that our labor isn't TOO unbareable. =)


Anonymous said...

Don't eat too much'll barf! ;) Johanna

Anonymous said...

Yay Yay Yay! Keep us posted! :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats it's so close! I can't wait to see her. About the pain tolerance thing-- seriously?? I mean did she try to comb your hair ever? I distinctly remember the phrase (repeated, many times) "you are ripping my hair out!!" when i was simply combing. LOL. GOOD LUCK!!! -Rachel