Monday, February 9, 2009

My (reality) TV addiction

My TV watching is getting a little bit out of control. I can't help it. I've gotten really into a lot of these series, especially the reality shows. Our DVR is definitely worth it's weight in gold since sometimes I get busy doing other things or just don't feel like watching tv or go to bed early. I love that I can just record them and watch it whenever I get the chance.

Here's a run-down of what we watch.
Sunday - Desperate Housewives (although I haven't watched this in a few weeks. When I get the chance I like to watch it.)
Monday - The Bachelor and True Beauty
Tuesday - American Idol and House
Wednesday - American Idol (again) and Lost (Lost is more Mark's show than mine though)
Thursday - Survivor, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice

Soon Dancing with the Stars will start and I think that's on 2 days a week also. We LOVE watching the dancing shows. We really like So You Think You Can Dance too, but I have no clue when that's on. Hopefully not any time soon because my TV watching schedule is full enough!


Elsbit said...

I mostly watch two reality shows right now (weekly, other ones tend to be sporadic): Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Top Chef. I tend to watch tv while I pump and stuff so this will make me sound like a tv fiend!

I also like Project Runway, but that is not on right now. I admit to watching some other random "reality" tv, but usually if nothing else is on. :)

TV Shows?
Sundays: Desperate Housewives (though I am disappointed) I watch Brothers and Sisters some times but it annoys me
Big Love

Monday: Jon and Kate plus 8. I also like Little People Big World (but that is not on right now)


90210 (but I miss it at times and not really invested)
Jeff likes True Beauty so I end up watching that if I am in the room

Wed: Top Chef

Thursday: Greys (though it sucks now)

There are other shows I like to watch, The Office, True Blood, old tv shows, discovery channel, Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Daily Show, Colbert Report, The Soup, House, Dexter (on dvd), Disney Channel (hangs head), Iron Chef, Alton Brown, Unsolved Mysteries, etc.

I am really bad at remembering what night a show is on, so I tend to miss them or forget. I don't have a dvr. I used to not watch so much tv until I started this job and now find that tv helps me relax after dealing with serious shit all day.

In the morning (yay 5:30 am) I like to pump to Malcolm in the Middle (or nothing), at lunch Unsolved Mysteries, at night whatever is on. LOL

Ramble Ramble

michelle lynn said...

I thought House was on Monday now.

I wish we had a DVR.