Monday, February 16, 2009

aches and pains

I figured it was time for a pregnancy update. Here I am at 24w4d. (This was taken last week.)

And this one was taken today, at 25w5d.
Overall, I still have been feeling great. My hip pain went away for a few weeks, but now it's back... and 'better' than ever. If I've been sitting or laying down, sometimes my hips "crunch" a few times with the first few steps I take and I get shooting pains in my pelvis/hips. Sometimes my pelvic bone REALLY hurts, which I lovingly refer to as "my crotch falling out". =) Pretty much what it feels like. My OB tells me it's only going to get "better". Yay. I've also been having reflux pretty bad too. Not really acid reflux, because it doesn't hurt, but if I drink anything, I get the "I have to burp" feeling, and when I burp, stuff comes up. If I lay down after I drink something it's REALLY bad, so I try to avoid doing that. Today, I have been REALLY tired, like I was in my first trimester. I was hoping that this exhaustion wouldn't come back until my 3rd trimester, so hopefully this is just a fluke. I basically felt dead to the world today though, and I took a short nap around 5pm, and woke up feeling like I'd been run over by a truck. Hopefully I can sleep tonight because Mark has to be at work by 6am, and since we're still sharing a vehicle, I get to get up extra early with him. Oh well, at least one of our vehicles work. Also, today Mark put his hands under my belly and kinda lifted it up some so he was supporting the weight, and it felt SOOO good! I didn't realize how heavy it was until he did that, but my back and pelvis felt instant relief. I think I've gained around 15-18lbs so far.
Just for fun, here's a few pictures of Mark and our weina babies. Here's Sadie nibbling on his ear - she loves to do that to him.
And here's Ollie trying to make out with his daddy.

I've been wanting to post about our weekend, but Mark's been working on a video all weekend for a company in town. He's done with it now so I'll try to post another blog tomorrow.


Jackie said...

Oh, yes! The "falling out crotch" feeling!!! Isn't pregnancy grand? Not to discourage you, but just wait until she flips and has her head down will really feel like your crotch is falling out!!!

Funny thing...I used to say the same thing. I always told Quentin to walk behind me so he could pick up my hoo-ha when it fell out... HA!

BTW, you look great!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot all about the "Crotch Cramps" as I lovingly called them.

Just wait until Baby Girl is so big you feel like you are suffocating in your sleep. Get lots of pillows or plan on sleeping in the recliner.--Johanna

Cathy said...

oh my gosh monica you look so cute!! I've probably said that before but i just wanted to say that again... i'm just catching up on my reading since i haven't had a chance to in awhile and i want to comment so you know that i do read even though sometimes i dont comment all the time i will try to comment more even if its only a line or too or a rambling like i am doing now but you know me i love to talk lol... oh and i guess i have alot to look forward to when and if we get pregnant... and when that happens you will get sick of me calling you asking questions just thought i'd warn you now!