Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, dinners and blankets

I'm 10w4d along now. The baby is the size of a kumquat, which is a little over an inch long. And the blueberry weighs less than an ounce still and is starting to grow fingernails and hair. I've still been really tired. I pretty much want to sleep all the time and it's hard to find the motivation to stay busy when I get home from work instead of laying down with the weinas. (I usually blame Oliver for this. Who wouldn't want to come home and snuggle with him? He's the most cuddly thing I've ever encountered in my entire life.) I usually lay down and watch TV, read or sleep, or some combination of the three, until Mark gets home from work and then I usually get up and clean or we go for a walk or we make dinner. I'm hoping that my energy will come back during the second trimester.

This weekend we went to a murder mystery dinner. Mark was invited to it by one of his co-workers and it was pretty interesting. You're given a role to play, and sometimes your character has knowledge about the details of the mystery. Throughout the night people are "murdered" and you have to talk to other people to see what they know and how they fit in to the whole scenerio. It's supposed to be a 1920's setting, and some of the people really dressed to fit the period. We had a good time and met some new people which was fun.

I think most of the guys in Mark's squadron know that we're pregnant now. It surprises me at how excited these guys seem to be about it. My co-workers rarely ask me questions about the pregnancy, but the guys he works with were FULL of questions for him when they found out. They asked when we were due, if we wanted a boy or a girl, what names we had picked out, if it was planned, how I was feeling, etc. They always have trick or treating in the squadron where people can bring their kids in costumes to get candy from all the flights. Mark talked about all the little kids for a good half hour after he got home. It was really cute. He seems to be getting more and more excited about this baby every day. He said that he wanted to dress it up as a blueberry for it's first halloween since that's what we call it. I thought that was a good idea.

I was at Hobby Lobby this week (my favoritest place ever) and I got a pattern to knit a baby blanket and some yarn for it. We'll see if I can actually figure it out. I need to start it soon or I'll never finish it before the blueberry arrives.

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Tanya and Patrick McNally said...

Hey Monica!
Do you know how to crochet? I came across the cutest baby blanket pattern but it is a crochet pattern. I'm tempted to try to learn how to crochet so I can make the blanket.

Here is the link to the pattern if you are interested:

Hope you start feeling better!