Sunday, November 16, 2008

12 week appt

Sorry I'm a little late on this. I had a migraine Weds and Thurs and we have been out of town since Friday AM(more on that later), so I am just getting around to this now.

We had our 12 week appt on Wednesday. First things first, the baby is doing well. I think I was measuring 12w2d - so 2 days ahead of schedule. We got to see the baby again, and hear the heartbeat, which was 155bpm. While we were listening to the heartbeat we heard this big thud. The baby had kicked it's leg out really hard, so we got to see AND hear it! Pretty neat. The ultrasound was kind of uncomfortable for me, because he was pushing kinda hard on my stomach, so I can imagine the baby didn't like him invading his territory. The dr. said we were going to have an active baby. It was really moving it's arms and legs around again. Mark was so excited to see the baby again and we both get more and more excited every time we go to the doctor.

I have had pretty bad migraines for the past 3 weeks. Last week I had 3 of them, and 2 of them lasted 2 days. When we got put into our little room at the doctors office, I sat on the table and cried. I was so tired of having my head hurt so much and nothing really helping it. Luckily Mark was there with me, and I pulled it together (barely) before the doctor came it. We talked about my meds and he said I had 3 options, none of which were really "safe". The first one is upping the Midrin that I'm currently on. I currently take one every 4 hours and he said I could start taking 2 when I felt a headache coming on and one an hour after that up to 5 in a 12 hour period. (Got that?) The second option is pairing midrin with an anti-nausea medicine, which is supposed to exaggerate the effects of the pain meds. The third option is to give me a nasal narcotic, but then you run the risk of getting addicted to it. And the fourth option is to, as a last resort, take Ibuprofen, which I guess is "safer" to take up until 28 weeks. I chose to just up my meds, but I'm praying that these go away in the 2nd trimester (after 14 weeks). I've heard and read that migraine suffers sometimes do find relief in the 2nd trimester so I REALLY hope that's the case for me.

Here's the most recent picture of our blueberry, although now it's the size of a peach!

I'll write another post (hopefully tomorrow) about our trip to visit our friends. I need to add pictures to my computer so I can post them in the blog.


Cathy said...

So I am trying to get caught up on this blogger thing and figure things out with it since it is very new to me. And I have been meaning to write comments but its so hard to do that at work. So I want to tell you how excited I am for the two of you! I can't wait to see your little one! When do you find out if its a boy or a girl? Are you guys registering anywhere? I have so many questions for you! I've been meaning to call you but things are a little crazy. I hope your migraines stop soon i know those aren't fun!! I also hope everything goes well with your pregnancy. I miss you tons! and keep us posted ;-)

Elsbit said...

Already the size of a peach? Crazy! :) I am sorry that you are having migraine problems. I hope that you get some relief soon. Eliana was not super active in the womb, but would have some periods in which she would boogie down. Now that she is out (freedom!) she is still a really chill baby.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to visit! We miss you already. Hope you feel better soon.