Saturday, August 16, 2008

August update

Today we bought Mark a new bike that we're pretty excited about. We got him a nice Trek 7100 multitrack. It's just like my bike that I got a few years ago, except mine is the 7200. We tested them out and went for a 5 mile bike ride to Braum's for lunch with our friend, Jessica.. Mark scared the crap out of me by almost crashing it once, but luckily he kept the bike upright, he just knocked the chain off. If I had done what he did, I would have done a face-plant in the middle of the street. I told him that's why he's not allowed to ride the bike without his helmet.

So we got the money for the bike, by selling our old keyboard for $350. We were pretty excited because Mark put it for sale on and we got a call about it 10 mins later. She wanted us to call her if we dropped the price... That wasn't going to happen. So another guy called a few hours later and bought it for our full asking price. So it's nice to have the keyboard sold and it's really nice that Mark has a bike now. Now we need to get a little trailer for our weina dogs. I really want to get one that we could one day use for kids, but in the meantime, use for weina dogs. I think they'd like to go for bike rides with us. We're excited to use the bikes in Arizona - I think they'll have nice trails there.

In other news, we've started collecting quite the plant collection. I've never been much into gardening, but we got a little hanging plant for outside our front door. I took good care of it and it's really big and pretty now. So then we got a big pot of a variety of plants and that's taken off too. So then I decided to get a few indoor plants last week. They're doing good too, except the damn cats chew on them and Max knocked one of them off the windowsill yesterday. So now I've put tape all along the windowsill, hoping that they won't like the sticky stuff on their feet and will leave them alone. I'll try to take pictures of them sometime soon and post them.

We've also discovered that Sadie howls. If you get her really excited (by talking fast and in a high pitched voice to her) and then squeeze her, she'll howl. It's hilarious and she's really loud!! We'll have to video it sometime. We got her running around the back yard like she usually does yesterday. She just takes off like a bat out of hell and runs and mach 3 in no specific direction. Sometimes she even jumps over Ollie in the middle of her runs. Hence her nickname - Crazy. She's pretty cute.

That's all for now. Mark's playing his stupid flying video game and it makes me sick (as in motion sick) to watch it. Ugh.

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