Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oklahoma is boring.

Again, not too much is going on here. (Surprise, surprise) I found out this week that 3 of my friends are pregnant! Crazy! I've been trying to stay active and lose weight. My swimming lessons are going well - Gail's a great teacher and she says I'm improving. Hopefully she's not just being nice. =) Mark and I are getting a little better at tennis. Sometimes we can actually hit it over a few times before one of us hits it way out of bounds or into the net. Our new racks work well and definitely help. This past weekend we went camping at Canton Lake with a bunch of friends. It was fun and nice to be by the lake, but it was WAYYY to hot to camp. We about roasted in the tent all night. We decided that we're not going to camp again until it actually gets cool at night instead of staying in the high 80's. The weinas were completely worn out afterwards and slept for almost an entire day when we got home.

I've updated our blog some, so if you get these updates by email, check out the actual blog. http://www.adventuresofm-squared.blogspot.com I've added a playlist and a slideshow of pictures. And as always, feel free to leave comments! Thanks to the 2 of you that actually do sometimes! Makes me feel like someone is actually reading this. =)

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