Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Not too much exciting has been going on here lately. I'm still working at Hammer Williams part-time, with no word of when that will be ending. They've been giving me quite a bit to do, so hopefully they see that I'm somewhat useful.

Still no word on Mark's training. We're not really expecting to hear anything anytime soon anyway. Mark was going to try to start on his master's but decided against it bc he doesn't want to get stuck in the position of finishing IFF, moving and being in RTU all while working on his masters.

My friend Jessica taught me how to use my sewing machine some. We made a pair of pajama pants together and then I made 2-3 dog bandana's and I'm working on my first skirt. I really like sewing, but it's still really challenging for me I don't understand everything on the patterns yet. But I'm getting there. Hopefully this skirt will turn out somewhat.

My parents are here for the 4th of July, with their 2 cats and Golden, Maddy. I haven't seen Maddy in 3 years - she used to be my dog. It's weird to see her again. And it's really funny to see her with our weinas.

This is Maddy, the one on the right side is Zekie, and the first one is Elsie.

Here's a pic of Ollie's Wylie Coyote impression. He had 2 bug bites on his nose. Poor guy! =)

And just for good measure, here's one of Mark and me when we got back from our big trip to Europe.

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