Sunday, May 4, 2008

Update from BWI

This morning Dad and Alex took us to Chicago O'Hare for the first leg of our journey to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport. We arrived around 1:20PM and once we retrieved our luggage headed for the Air Mobility Command (AMC) departure desk to check up on the flight to Ramstein AB. While we were waiting for the receptionist, I called the AMC Patriot Express hotline to see if there had been an update to the flight schedule. The Ramstein flight has 32 open seats which is 30 more than this morning, so our chances of getting on this flight tonight have greatly increased. Show time isn't until later this evening so we decided to grab some lunch at a nearby restaurant and then we headed to the USO. So here we are sitting in the USO watching NBA games, reading books and magazines, and hoping we get manifested on this flight. If we don't we'll have to go get a hotel room and try again tomorrow. I feel confident we'll get this flight.

Yesterday, we drove to Dixon, IL to visit Grandma Nix and take her out for lunch. We left the house around 10AM. We took her to a Thai restaurant downtown, which was damn good. We spent the next couple hours visiting with her and it was real nice. She was teaching Monica a few new knitting techniques. We left Grandma Nix around 3PM. Alex was catering a party from 4 - 8PM, so we went over to taste the food and watch him do his thing. He had made a lot of great food. The people he was catering for were really nice and we enjoyed talking to them.


Em said...

I knew this wasn't Monica posting and you gave it away when you mentioned "Monica" in the last part there. Look, I know you ARE military, but you're really going to have to try to tone down the "military speak" when you post so "the rest of us" can understand what the hell you're talking about!

Monica B said...

BWI as Mark said means Baltimore-Washington International - the airport

AMC as he said means air mobility command

I don't even know what USO means but it's this cool place for military memebers to go in airports and they give you free food and wireless internet access and sometimes a place to sleep, etc. Just a place to hang out.

NBA I believe means National Basketball Association. =)