Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun times with family

We've gotten to see quite a bit of both of our families the past few days, which has been nice. It's hard at times being so far away from both of our families, although at other times I'm sure it's a blessing.

Last night I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie with my family and Mark went with his family an hour later.... It was a decent movie, but the Indiana Jones movies seem a little bit cheesier now that I'm older. I remember thinking they were the coolest when I was younger, and while it was entertaining this time, I wouldn't describe it as cool. But it was decent.

Today we had a picnic at my mom's college roommates house. They've remained close all these years and Avis (my mom's friend) is my godmother. They had a nice get together for all of us at their house. We all played bowling in Wii - even my 94 year old grandma. It was quite entertaining. If I was going to get any game system, it would be a Wii. We took our weina's with us, and they did really well with the kids and all the new people and there were 2 other dogs there also and Ollie freaked out for a little while with them, but then he was fine and our weina and Avis's Bichon Frise, Rosie, (named after my mom) had a great time flying around. Half the time you didn't know who was chasing who, but it was quite entertaining to watch, to say the least.

Now we're back at Mark's parents house. I might be going to bed to read in a little while. I still feel a little out of place here, not because of anything his family does, just because we're not around them enough. That's one of the downfalls of living so far away. Tomorrow is my uncle's memorial service, so that's probably where we'll be most of the day. I'm finally feeling a little less jet-lagged, but I slept like a brick last night. I guess we had pretty bad storms here and neither Mark or I knew that until someone told us this morning. I also went back to bed around 9am and slept for another hour and a half. I was up at 5am again this morning though, but stayed in bed until 8am before getting up. Hopefully we'll fully adjust soon, although Mark is doing much better than I am - although he generally needs less sleep than I do anyway.

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Unknown said...


Avey Jean's dog is not actually named after me! Although I wouldn't mind that. Apparently the kennel from which she came was "Rosecrantz" or something like that so that's where her name came from!

And your grandma will BE 93 on June 19th (she was born in 1915) so don't forget to send her a card!!

Hugs from your Mom